Aloe Vera – Growing and Benefits

Aloe is a popular plant, especially known for its curing qualities and extraordinary therapeutic effects, being used medicinally rather than culinary. It’s a fact that Aloe is a real natural remedy.

Aloe is part of Lilaceae/Aloeaceae Family, of which height is from 10 to 100 centimeters. It’s native to subtropical, hot and drought areas. There are numerous species, maybe more than 300 of aloes around the world. We believe that the most famous is Aloe Vera, having also a great nutritional value. This is the type of Aloe used in most commercial products with aloe content available today. They have in common the thick leaves, covered by a waxy coating, which is avoiding the water to be eliminated through.

Aloe Growing

Aloe plants really love bright sun. In fact the Aloe has to be toggled towards south. Anyway, we have to point out that the Aloe, being native to Africa, it’s not recommended to be grown outdoors, especially in those countries that there is a risk of frost.

The conditions for growing Aloe are in full sun well drained soil. Don’t over water it, because it can cause the plant to rot off. Allow the soil to dry between waterings and water less in winter than in the warm months. The place where you put the aloe have to be well ventilated, but take care with the drought, especially in winter.

The soil combination for Aloe to grow is important too. It has to contain regular potting soil, leaves soil, fibrillar peaty and sand. We recommend you to plant the Aloe in a perforated pot, for the supplementary water to flow. We found the terra-cotta pots, for example; those are perfect for aloe because they don’t retain the extra moisture that could damage the plant.

For its good care, use a hairbrush to clean the dust on the leaves. Aloe plant doesn’t need supplementary feed, so don’t use the fertilizer or soil melioration.

Aloe family is very resistant to the affections and pest. Be careful the mouldiness or red spider. If that happens, treat the leaves using pesticide.

Medical and cosmetic use

It’s a gel that we obtain breaking the leaves of Aloe. It’s a substance used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, for its valuable wholesome content: over 75 nutrients, 200 energetic components, 20 minerals, 18 acids, 12 vitamins.

It’s important for you to know that the aloe gel is unstable; with air contact, it oxidises after 2 hours, losing its active qualities.

You have to know that the Aloe gel is good for your skin. It can be used for healing sunburn and as a moisturiser on irritated or sensitive skin. It really does soothe minor burns. Tear off a leaf, break it in half and rub the “juice” on the burn. It’s a successful natural treatment.

Also Aloe vera has been reported to be very beneficial in the treatment of eczema. It has been discovered that the aloe juice is a natural treatment too. Aloe juice is one of the most vitamin and mineral-packed nutrition drinks.

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